EcoSouLife Cutlery

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Artikelnummer: C ESL Cutlery Charcoal kleur

Kom, gemaakt van Bamboe poeder,PLA-Hars, Maïszetmeel, kleurstof op waterbasis, en water.

Geschikt voor vele doeleinden, mag in de vatwasser, is hitte bestendig, herbruikbaar. Niet geschikt voor in de magnetron. Lengte bestek 16,3 cm

Our Biodegradable cutlery set is made from vegetable waste matter of corn, starch, bamboo and rice husks.

The complete set contains a fork, spoon, and knife, as well as a carabineer to keep them all together. We strive to be sustainable in all areas – even down to our packaging, which uses recycled materials – the set comes complete in a recycled paper packaging. The EcoSouLife biodegradable cutlery set is perfect for all journeys and events.

You can buy our biodegradable cutlery online with confidence that it will be easy to care for throughout its required lifetime, yet it will also break down completely once buried. Each piece is fully dishwasher safe for your convenience. Unlike regular plastic cutlery, it's also heat resistant and will not leach any toxic substances when exposed to hot foods.

Once buried in the ground, it will biodegrade naturally after 2-to-3 years. For best results, cover in a rich, well-aerated soil and water regularly.

 • Biodegradable

• Heat resistant

• Dishwasher safe

• Re-usable

• Spoon length: 16.3 cm

• Fork length: 16.3 cm

• Knife length: 16.3 cm

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