Tentipi Gronddoek Comfort

€230,00 Incl. btw
Artikelnummer: TT 12050

Lichtgewicht polyamide doek met sterke polyethuraan coating, voorzien van 4 ritssluitingen, waardoor op verschillende manieren te openen. Makkelijk bij het gebruik van uw houtkachel.

Uitvoeringen: Pro en Comfort.

-Pro gronddoek: is gemaakt van een lichter en soepeler materiaal dan het Comfort gronddoek. Kan geopend worden als V/O/U opening.

-Comfort gronddoek: kan niet in een U-vorm worden geopend.

Comfort 5: 1.1kg. Comfort 7: 1.4kg. Comfort 9: 2.0kg. Comfort 15: 2.5kg.

Many people use their Nordic tipi without a floor. However, using our separate floor has many advantages: Condensation caused by ground dampness is eliminated because the floor covers the entire ground area of the tent. Protects you from ground dampness; dirt and snow can be more easily kept away. Better protection against ants, mosquitoes and other insects.


Need not be detached; Is automatically in the correct position when the Nordic tipi is put up because it need not be detached when packing the tent.

Zip cover:

-Protects the zip from dirt. -Stretches out nicely.

A stretching device makes it easy to get the floor nice and flat. It also improves the seal between the floor and fabric, helping to keep insects out.

Flexible opening:

The floor has four zips which allow flexible opening possibilities.

V-opening’: Open from the door. To avoid having dirty boots on the tent floor.

O-opening’: Open from the centre and outwards. This allows you to brush off bread crumbs on the ground rather than on the floor. Also enables use of stove or open fire; (caution is recommended).

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