Tentipi Woodenpole set

€420,00 Incl. btw
Artikelnummer: TT 10704

Tentipi heeft een systeem ontworpen zodat u met authentieke houten palen u adventure tipi kunt opzetten. Dit is mogelijk voor de modellen 7, 9 en 15. Authentiek, maar ook creëert u meer ruimte doordat er geen paal meer in het midden staat.

At last we have been able to realise an old dream; to fit wooden poles in our Adventure Nordic tipis.

Not only that, we have fitted the poles with cross-poles like on our largest tipis.  If you are not intending to move around much, this set has several advantages:
•The central pole is not needed which gives a more open interior, providing much more space to fit in a bed, for example.
•The tipi can cope better with the weight of snow (it is already storm resistant) and can be left unattended more easily.
•The debarked wooden poles add ambience and a genuine feel.

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