Wetterlings Bijl Wilderness Hatchet

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Wetterlings axe, handgesmede bijl uit Zweden. Zweedse handwerk van 0,55 kg, met een Hickory steel van 33 cm. Snijvlak 7 cm. Incl. lederen sheath.

Generations of blacksmiths At Wetterlings the blacksmiths are still our heroes. With professional know-how, passed on from one generation to the next, they have the ability to transform manual power into almost indestructible axe heads. Hard and sharp Swedish steel It all starts with Swedish steel. At Wetterlings we use first-rate Swedish steel that contains alloys of silicon, manganese and vanadium. These alloys allow a high-quality tempering of the steel. A handforged Wetterlings axe has a hardness of 58-59° Rock-well, which is far higher than that of most other axe manufacturers.

A task that requires both patience and time A Wetterlings is slowly forged in a forge press. This is a methodical task that demands patience and time, and is entirely dependent upon the skill of the blacksmith. The result is an axe that has a very fine grain structure. After having being hammered for a long period of time the steel becomes extremely strong and can be ground to a high level of sharpness.

Good ol’ hickory

For an axe to function perfectly the handle must be of the same high quality as the axe head. At Wetterlings we turn most of the axe handles ourselves, using brown heartwood of American hickory. This wood has the impact-resistance and strength expected of an axe handle. The handle is securely fitted into the eye of the axe head with both wood and metal wedges.

A man stepped off the train in Storvik

The history of Wetterlings started over 100 years ago. On a spring day in 1882 the engineer Otto Wetterling disembarked from a train in Storvik. For several years he had studied the production of axes in the USA. His brother, Sven Axel Wetterling, had earlier started producing axes on a small scale in a forge in Storvik. His company was named S. A. Wetterlings Manufaktur, or, in short, S. A. W.

100 years of uninterrupted use

Otto Wetterling immediately became supervisor. Using ideas gained from the new country, and craftsmanship and experience from the old, the brothers created a piece of legendary industrial history. Since then the forge has been in uninterrupted use for almost 125 years.

Keeps tradition

Today, 10 people proudly continue the tradition of producing world class axes. The forge is in Storvik twenty kilometers west of Sandviken. An area in Sweden where people since time for the vikings have worked with iron.

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